You may have noticed a slight increase on your bill from Pinellas County Utilities.  On April 7th, 2021, the Redington Beach Board of Commissioners passed and adopted Resolution 2020-13, which set the stormwater utility fee at $15.00 per month for each residential unit. Multi-family units with onsite stormwater management systems (La Contessa and Vizcaya Condominiums) will be charged $11.25 per month per residential unit.

This increase was necessary to plan, construct, operate, and maintain the Town’s stormwater management system, taking into account the proposed expenditures for the stormwater system set out in the Town’s Schedule of Capital Improvements in the Capital Improvements Element of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and in the Town’s stormwater system planning.

Ordinance 2020-14, passed on May 5th, 2021, provides more details into the Town’s Stormwater Management policies for the purpose of maintaining efficient, economic and safe operation of the separate storm sewers, and for the protection of the health, safety, and general welfare of the public. This chapter is intended to prevent and abate pollution through the regulation and control of connections and discharges to the town’s separate storm systems and to limit the use of the separate storm sewer system to the collection, conveyance, treatment, and disposal of stormwater through appropriate regulation and enforcement.

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