The Town is considering changing its land use controls to increase the permitted impervious surface ratio.  An impervious surface is that part of the lot which does not absorb water so that stormwater runs off the lot onto the street or onto an adjacent property.

The Code’s definition of “impervious surface” reads:

Impervious surface.  A surface that has been compacted or covered with a layer of material so that it is highly resistant to or prevents infiltration by stormwater.  It includes: surfaces such as limerock, or clay, as well as most conventionally surfaced streets, roofs, sidewalks, parking lots, and other similar surfaces.

The impervious surface ratio (ISR) is the percentage of a lot (excluding adjacent right-of-way) that can be covered with an impervious surface.  The Town’s permitted ISR is currently 0.40 or 40%.

As part of the Town’s consideration of the ISR issue, the Town commissioned a survey of the existing ratios in the Town.  All visible impervious surfaces were entered onto an analysis map (digitized).  All attempts were made to identify decks and impervious walkways, parking lots and driveways. In many cases, it was not possible to identify the material type of certain pathways and landscaped areas in fenced or back yards.  The most common type of surface that would not be digitized, are gravel walkways and landscaped areas.  If not identified, these areas were not included in the impervious surface area digitized.

Because this survey was done using visual interpretations of aerial and street level photography, it is not as accurate as a survey and the Town welcomes each resident’s input into the ISR on his or her property.  The mapping and results table are available to view by clicking the links, below. Please e-mail the Town at [email protected] with your comments on the survey. 

Town of Redington Beach Impervious Surface Extent Map

Town of Redington Beach Impervious Surface Map

Town of Redington Beach Impervious Surface by Property

Click the links, below, to view the other materials considered by the Planning Board at the July 16, 2019, meeting on this topic:

Town of Redington Beach GIS Analyst Write-Up

Town of Redington Beach Stormwater Engineer Presentation

Town of Redington Beach ISR Staff Report