Beware of Porch Pirates during the Holiday Season

A message from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office:

Protecting Your On-Line Purchases

Thanks to modern day technology, we can pretty much buy anything on-line and get it delivered to our doorstep. Not only is it very convenient for us it also creates a window of opportunity for “Porch Pirates” too.


1. Personalize your deliveries: UPS and USPS allow consumers to personalize where a package will be left. Perhaps you have a side door that’s less visible while still being accessible to delivery persons.

2. Use a locker for your Amazon deliveries: Amazon has installed lockers in major cities. Users receive an e-mail when their package arrives. the e-mail will provide an access code for buyers to retrieve their items. Packages must be picked up within 3 days.

3. Consider an alternate shipping address: Have packages delivered to your place of work. If you have a trustworthy neighbor who is home often, consider having your package delivered to their residence instead.

4. Security Cameras: Install security cameras with built in motion sensors. Install a doorbell camera. These devices allow you to speak with the delivery person remotely from a smartphone. Let potential thieves know they are being watched by installing security cameras in plain site. If your security system came with a yard sign, display it. As always, if you see a vehicle that appears to be following a delivery truck or lingering in your neighborhood, get a good description, direction of travel, and report it to Law enforcement.