The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office has been proactive in helping to prevent Vehicle Burglaries.

They have stepped up all beach patrols due to the holiday season and criminals looking for a quick score.  In addition to using some covert assets, they’ve also increased deputies checking for unlocked vehicles under our vehicle burglary prevention program.  Their efforts on December 9th yielded the following:

Redington Beach

23 vehicles were found unlocked.

Keys to a brand new Lexus w/key in center console were found and returned.

Listed below are some suggestions for the citizens of our community to use in an effort to reduce these offenses.

  • Never leave the keys in your vehicle.
  • Always lock the doors, even when you are away from the vehicle for a short time.
  • Remove items (purses, tapes, CD’s, books, cash, etc.) from the vehicle when possible. If you can’t take them out, put them in a place that is out of view (in the trunk or tool box)
  • Remove “pull-out” style stereos and/or removable faceplates of stereos. (if equipped)
  • Park in lighted areas.
  • Park in garages or on driveways or near your house or apartment so that the vehicle can be viewed periodically.

Other vehicle security considerations:

  • Steering wheel lock bar or steering column locking cover.
  • “Engine kill” switch.
  • Car alarm.